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Flippin Easy Pikelets

Flippin Easy Pikelets "As seen on TV" or more commonly now "as seen on youtube" or 'As seen on facebook"  are terms that raise fear in my heart and questions in my mind ...... do they really work, is it that easy, is this a scam????  therefore I am cautious about what I buy and recommend.   

But these do work!!!  It is easy!!!!!

Here is how I do it......
Preheat your pan or griddle or BBQ plate to a medium heat. Place flipper in the pan to warm up 

Prepare your favourite Pikelet Batter (see note below)
Lightly spray flipper with oil
Evenly scoop or spoon batter into flipper with enough batter to go right to the edges (I use the medium sized, 5cm, spring scoop)

Leave to cook, undisturbed, until the tops set.  With some batters this is indicated by bubbles having risen and burst across the surface. Other batters will have a change in gloss level and wont stick to your finger if you touch them

In a smooth, even motion, lift and FLIP using the side flaps.  The Flipper will drop the pkelets into the pan and is removed to leave the pikelets to finish cooking

Remove to a plate and top with butter, jam and cream

Alternativley, top with cream cheese, smoked salmon and a sprig of dill

Note -
1. Pikelets are known by many names in different homes and countries (Hot cakes, pancakes, flap jacks etc) no matter what you call them, the batter is thick like a light cake batter - not a pastry or dough.....and not thin like a crepe or heavy cream.   Generally made of eggs, milk or cream, flour, sugar and butter.
2.  Use the flipper to make corn fritters, hash browns, mashed potato cakes etc
3 . The Edmonds Cookery Book has some great recopes for Pilelets and Corn fritters  
Posted by Janey Kyle-Scott

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