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Food Safety Temperature Checking

Food Safety Temperature Checking

Popping in and out of hospitality establishments and training environments I come face to face with where scientifically based rules interact with creative people in a tangle of misinformation, poorly thought out processes and ineffective procedures.   

Temperature control of food products is one such area where there is much activity and recording of meaningless data that does little or nothing to make the food being consumed any safer....and just occasionally may inadvertently make the food somewhat less safe for the consumer. 

While I am a strong proponent of training, such training should be able to be contextualized and applied to each individuals workplace and menu....and should give the student sufficient knowledge to fully understand "why" & "how" not just "what" & "when".  Such individualised contextualisation then allows the student to identify the high risk foods and processes that need monitoring and implement the correct monitoring procedures using the most appropriate techniques and equipment.  Followed by recording of data that is useful for process improvement rather than just as a compliance activity.

The legislated / mandatory training is commonly mass delivered in one of two ways - Online with no contextualisation or even interaction with a trainer OR Classroom based to a large group of learners in a lecture theatre with time constraints.   I have no dispute with either of these methods, however, there is more than can be done to ensure that this knowledge is applied in a meaningful manner.  

​Of real interest to me is the application of these basic techniques in the home setting.  My children have all been taught to cook &  reheat high risk foods in a safe manner by checking internal temperatures of food have reached at least 75°C.   ​At a minimum you will need some devices for measuring temerature.....

Posted by Janey Kyle-Scott

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