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Hammered Eggs

Hammered Eggs

I first saw eggs cooked in this way when I was a teenager, in a home where I was made to feel welcome even though I probably shouldn't have been there at the time.....  but that is another story.

I watched, mezmerised, as the eggs were prepared in a way that was foreign to my culinary experience, in a way that modern thinking labelled as BAD, prepared and eaten by people who were rather healthy.

My vocabulary never had a name for how these eggs were cooked....not fried, not poached and most certainly not boiled or scrambled.....  in current language they might be called "confit eggs sans shell" but even that falls short of their reality.

What then is a "Hammered Egg"? Pan poached  or shallow slow fried in butter .... kind of .... Here's how.

Melt enough butter in a fry pan, over a medium heat, to give a 5 - 7mm layer of melted butter in the pan.  Let it get hot and a bit foamy, then gently break eggs and slip into the butter.  Season with dried herbs or chilli flakes then as the eggs cook, spoon the melted butter over the top of the eggs to cook the tops.... smells great!!!   The aim is to poach the eggs slowly rather than fry them fast..... and keep the yolks a bit on the runny side. 

When you are happy with the cooked-ness slide them out onto a plate and pour remaining butter over them...... top with a bit of salt and a generous grind of freshly cracked pepper. 

Eating hammered eggs evokes a nostalgic happy feeling of times past where possibilities were endless.....and they taste great too.

​For easy poached eggs you could always use thses Silicone egg poachers.

Posted by Janey Kyle-Scott

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