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Our Dogs Favourite Treats

Our Dogs Favourite Treats
Recently I came across a simple recipe for homemade dog treats and decided to make some for our dog with the help of my grandchildren.   The recipe combined flour and mashed vegetables into a soft dough (actual quantities will depend how much liquid is in your vege mash) that can be rolled out, cut and baked for about 20 minutes or until very dry. 

Before we made them we decided they would be really cool made with a bone-shaped off to the shops we went.  We searched high and low for a cutter in the pet stores, the bargain stores, the grocery stores....... and we gave up.  We ended up making hearts and circles with our normal cookie cutters.

It is with great excitement that we now stock and sell these great little bone shaped cutters....and while they are primarily for pet cookies.....imagine the fun they will be for halloween cookies.   
Posted by Janey Kyle-Scott

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