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Our Favourite - Edmonds Cookery Book

Our Favourite - Edmonds Cookery Book

In a quick review of my favourites I  have discovered that there are over a dozen recipes on my blog "For Food and Family"  taken from the Edmonds Cookery book.   While many of these come from the Cakes and Biscuits section there are others from throughout the book including Desserts and Chutneys.  What strikes me as even more interesting is that there are many other recipes in the Edmonds Cookery Book that are my "go to" recipes that have not yet been blogged about including pastry, pancakes, stuffing and soups.

It would take my lifetime to address this issue and I therefore suggest that every home would benefit from having their own copy so as not to miss out on anything.   Such is my belief, that I have gifted this book to many a person as a coming of age or leaving home present.  It has been presented at kitchen teas, baby showers, stag/bucks nights, housewarmings and any other occasion where I believe the recipient could benefit from a great, all round, basic, easy to follow Cookery Book.

The Edmonds Cookery Book is a New Zealand institution, featuring Edmonds products, and has been reprinted several times since 1879 to ensure it stays up to date and relevant with versions for Microwave Cookery, Kids in the Kitchen and more.

You can purchase your copy here

Here are links to some of my Favourites - or just type Edmonds in the search box in the right hand side bar to see them all

Edmonds Cookery Book, Edmonds Junior Cookbook, Edmonds Microwave Cookery
Some of my well used Edmonds Collection
Posted by Janey Kyle-Scott

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