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Our Story

Our Story

Kyle-Scott Services D'Bay

Supporting Locals into Local Employment

Who We Are

Independent, focussed, helpful and understanding — We have over thirty years of experience each to share with our participants to develop relevant work skills, work ethics, life skills and confidence through participation, opportunities and individual support.  As a couple, experienced in working together,  we have a wide range of combined skills and experiences, backed by formal qualifications, that underpin our Family Enterprise.

Rob Scott - Hospitality, Warehousing and Logistics, pest control, hands on electrical & plumbing, civil waterworks with a Navy radio engineering background. 
Janey Kyle-Scott - Hospitality, Tourism and Business focussed career across training and assessment, RTO, RPL, auditing, writing, speaking, community programs to grow people and organisations.

Why We Do It

We recognise that people are all different and need the opportunity and space to learn and develop skills and attitudes for successful employment.  While the traditional,  funded programs at state and federal level are providing great services they are not accessible or suitable for all.   Their size and nature means they are  highly structured and not responsive enough for the individual needs of  some participants. 
The mandatory work experience components are often left for participants to source without the necessary support — resulting in incomplete qualifications. and disillusionment with the process.  Multi site organisations and / or those that rely of funded programs have high administration and compliance requirements that result in training being mass delivered with a compliance focus rather than facilitating the learning and personal development of individuals. 
Opportunity + Support = Empowerment

What We Do

Kyle-Scott Services (N.Z.) was established in 2006 to provide individualised, workplace based training, temping  and employment opportunities in Hospitality. 
We are a Family Enterprise that provides Work Experience, Training and Mentoring to support locals to enter mainstream employment in several sectors.
This may be through a stand-alone pre-employment Training and Mentoring package or as a transitional step between an RTO Training Program and Employment.
Rawleigh’s Deception Bay
Master Distributors of Rawleigh's products.  Friendly, local professional service. 
Number One General Store
Number One General Store, an online outlet that sells a selection of items we like and use.

SEQ Capri Convertible
A repository of skills, knowledge, parts and events for CAPRi Convertibles.
Kyle Scott Services Hospitality
Hospitality focussed support for businesses and individuals towards positive change.
Kyle-Scott Services Transforming Lives
Helping people through times of change and challenge to bring hope and transformation.

Kitchen Basics with Janey
Basic Lessons in the kitchen  and a collection of trusted recipes towards culinary success.

How We Do It

We offer Work Experience, Training and Mentoring to support locals to enter mainstream employment. This may be as a stand-alone pre-employment Training and Mentoring package or as a transitional step between an Accredited Training Program and Employment.  Our participation model is simple, flexible and designed to help each participant as an individual.
As a participant, you get
  • Career Assessment and Planning
  • Smoko &  Free Parking
  • Non Accredited Training
  • Resume & Cover letter  support
  • Written reference
  • Printed Certificates
  • Profiling through our local networks and events
Non Accredited Training modules
  • Food Safety
  • White Card
  • Anti Discrimination
  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Barista Coffee Skills
Practical work with aspects from
  • Hospitality & Events
  • Warehousing
  • Business administration
  • Automotive parts
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Retail
Referrals  accepted from individuals,  family members, RTOs,  Job Service Providers and local businesses. 
Nau Mai, Haere Mai
Janey & Rob​

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Posted by Janey Kyle-Scott

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Our Logo - Te Pataka Tahi
Our Pataka is a small and humble storehouse where we have a few treasures from our lives to share with you.  Pataka were used for storing food as well as treasured objects like weapons and garments in the tradional Maori settlements of New Zealand.  Number One General Store is a trading arm of Kyle-Scott Services where we share our taonga, including our knowledge, for the betterment of the community in which we live.
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