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Of Poetry and Pancakes

Of Poetry and Pancakes
Mix a pancake,
Stir a pancake
Pop it in a pan.
Fry the pancake
Toss the pancake
Catch it if you can.

Christina Rossetti

Pancakes, to me are thin and light as in the French Crepe and can be folded, rolled, pocketed or stacked.  Fillings can be sweet or savoury and are limited only by your imagination and the contents of your pantry. The pancake is merely a casing for the filling.

The thicker, fluffier hotcake (a la Mc Donalds) is what I would call a large Pikelet.  Hotcakes are  also nice but more often served as a sweet with either lemon & Sugar, Maple syrup.  The yeasted ones we had for breakfast in Vanuatu were a real hit.  These are a meal in themselves with the topping served as an accompaniment rather than the feature.

Pikelets cooked smaller (5cm diameter) and served cold with jam and cream were always a favourite of the country ladies for bring a plate events with home-made jam and fresh farm-cream….. oo la la.

Of course for every general rule there is a very very tasty exception…. who can resist a savoury pikelet with smoked salmon on a dressing of dill infused cream cheese or capers and lemon….

….. so many favourites on this theme.

These Pancake / Pikelet / Hotcake “Mould & Flipper”  gadgets assist in creating uniform sized mouthfuls of deliciousness.
​Watch a Video Here

Posted by Janey Kyle-Scott

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