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National Yo-Yo Day - June 6

National Yo-Yo Day - June 6
While this celebrtation is related mainly to the childrens, and often adults, toy of string and skill....The biscuit called a Yo-Yo is also well worthy of being celebrated.  The Yo-Yo and the Melting Moment recipies are both very similar, yet oh so different in subtle ways that we have adapted to prove that you can have your cake and eat it too......and these are the proof of that.  

Melting Moments crossed with Yo-Yo's....  Dianne loves melting moments and uses the "Edmonds Junior Cookbook" recipe.  Only four ingredients and super easy to make - not to mention yummy mixture to eat.   The icing Dianne likes has Custard Powder in it also more like a Yo-Yo biscuit filling in the
"Edmonds Cookery Book".  

National Yo-Yo Day - Celebrated on 6 June 
Celebrate by baking and sharing these amazing treats

Posted by Janey Kyle-Scott

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tony On 04 Jun 2017
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Admin On 04 Jun 2017
perhaps for afternoon tea tomorrow

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