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Our Logo - Te Pataka Tahi
Our Pataka is a small and humble storehouse where we have a few treasures from our lives to share with you.  Pataka were used for storing food as well as treasured objects like weapons and garments in the tradional Maori settlements of New Zealand.  Number One General Store is a trading arm of Kyle-Scott Services where we share our taonga, including our knowledge, for the betterment of the community in which we live.
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Our Story
Number One General Store is a key component of Kyle-Scott Services vision of Supporting Locals into Local Employment.  Find out more about who we are and how we can help.
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Free Shipping!
As part of our Grand Opening , we will be offering Free Shipping! This will be available on all orders over $100.00! No Discount Codes or Coupons required. Type your own text and informaton here.....  ..
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Online Store Opening Soon
Our New Online Store is Opening Soon! Stay tuned for further details. Get ready for grand opening store specials and discounted prices! Sign up for our Store Newsletter to be advised of Opening Date! Type your own text here....  ..
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